Friday, March 19, 2010

Awesome Friday!

I totally forgot until about an hour ago that tonight is the Friday Night Sew In! And I am going to be sewing with my Birthday Buddies tonight! Woo hoo!!! (If you want to sign up for the FNSI, go here. HURRY!)

I'm actually going to start sewing as soon as I finish this post!

Last year when I was working at the quilt shop, Barb, Katy and I discovered that our birthdays were all within 4 days of each other! I think that we are all separated by a year, too. Katy and her cousin Sarah made me and Barb fantastic little cakes! They were so yummy!

This year, we are having a Sewing Night and Barb is bringing the cake! Cake from Cold Stone Creamery!! And we are going to IHOP for dinner! I have the family room mostly set up for us to sew and I know what I am going to work on! Right now, I must work on a couple of things that I decided to make for that gals!

Maxis says...

100_2431 "I must rest up for all of the excitement tonight...."


Libby said...

Cake and IHOP!!!! YUM!! I hope that you have a WONDERFUL night!
and Happy Birthday!

Brenda said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh, this is a wounderful way to celelbrate!!! And may you all have the best time at dinner and enjoying the cake, lots of laughs and , right, som sewing in there too!!! All the best to all of you!!!!!

Regina said...

Woo Hoo! Happy almost birthday!!! What a great way to celebrate!!!