Saturday, March 13, 2010

Charity quilting done

After being at the quilt shop and watching Barb quilt yesterday, I was anxious to do a little quilting myself. I found that I had 2 quilt tops for the Guild's Kid Komforts in the basement waiting for quilting so I figured that I would quilt those 2 and finish the Shrek quilt that I worked on in February.

When I was quilting the Shrek quilt, I ran out of bobbin thread and unloaded the quilt thinking that I would just make due with it like it was. It turns out that I had less than one pass to finish the quilt and it took just a few minutes.


This is a top that I picked up from the Guild to quilt. Since I have a few nicer quilts to quilt, I wanted to make sure that the Lava and King Tut threads work well with the new needles. I had an issue in the first pass with the top thread shredding, but after that, all was clear. The only other spot that I had was when I ran out of bobbing thread on this one.


A close up.


Here is what I found when the top thread broke in the first pass. A little odd since I was using topstitch needles.


Before I started this quilt, I switched to a size 14 topstitch needle and it worked marvelously! I didn't have a thread break or any other problems!


I used Bottom Line in the bobbin on all three of these quilts. On this quilt, I used a multi colored Coats and Clarke which was prefect for this top!


Maxie was absent from the basement while I was quilting so Maisy said,

100_2416 "I will keep you company, Momma!"

And she did. The whole time!


Michelle said...

I always use 90/14 topstitch needles, and the only time I have ever had trouble with thread shredding, was when I got a bad cone of thread, and King's Men replaced it for me.

Glad all went well for you, and the quilts look GREAT!
love ya!

Mrs Quilty said...

Those quilts look great! And I love that Maisy keeps you company!!!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

You were a busy girl yesterday! Way to go.

I had problems with thread shredding, and I changed to a bigger needle. It hasn't happened since...knock on wood.

Jennifer said...

Wow! All that and work're smokin! Glad you got the thread/needle issues worked out!

Regina said...

Awesome - and love Maisy in her nest! What a great quilting buddy!

Kristie said...

Boy you are on a roll!!! The quilts look great!! Your dogs are so cute too!

Laura said...

Cute quilts! I especially like the last one.