Sunday, July 25, 2010

Accomplishments with a Rotary Cutter!

Today, I spent some time with a very trusty tool - my rotary cutter! My stash report is going to love me this week! I was able to get all of the pieces cut for my second neighbor's quilt.


I even took the time to cut the diagonal pieces that I need instead of leaving those to do later! Go me!!!

I also got 2 bags cut out for the giveaways. I just need to get to JoAnn's for the webbing and I will be able to whip these bad boys out in no time!


Poor Maxie is having some back issues today. It's no wonder with all the jumping off the bed and running down the stairs that he has been doing. So I gave him his pills and set him up on the floor by the patio door. He had a soft afghan to lay on, 2 of his babies to keep him company and his breakfast just in case.


I had to watch from the top of the stairs to make sure that he settled down for a nap. He finally did after about 10 minutes.


And Maisy was waiting for him at the top of the stairs. Can you see the concern in her eyes? Well, it disappeared the minute she got back on the bed for her nap! lol



Jennifer said...

Go you! Great progress cutting - I always leave those diagonals for last too!

jan said...

Love your blog!! You are so inspiring. Thankyou for sharing. :)

Winona said...

Way to go. Always feels good to get something all cut out and ready to go. I sure hope Maxie feels better tomorrow and can be jumping on the bed and running up and down the stairs. Winona

Michelle said...

You are a good moommy.

Go Jill! Way to go getting all that cutting done!

Have a GREAT week!
love ya!

Ruthie said...

WOW, lots of cutting done and that's something I need to be doing soon for a guild retreat.

Libby said...

You got lots of cutting done Girl!! I hope that Maxie is feeling lots better this morning!

Deanna said...

Best wishes to Maxie. Your posts lead me to believe that you are having as much fun with this giveaway business as we are.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

No bumming yesterday. You got a LOT cut and yeah you for doing the diagonals too!

Just like kids, you gotta make sure they get their nap! Feel better Max!

Cindy said...

I love the stash cutting..........but the little ones with ears take my heart.