Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bella Quilts

On Saturday, when I went fabric hoarding shopping, I ran into Mary who I worked with at the quilt shop that I used to work at. I chatted with her a little before running to the fabric and loading up. When I was done, Mary asked me to help her pick out a fabric and we chatted about the new quilt shop that opened up the street from the yarn shop. Mary said she was heading to the shop next and I said that I would tag along.

Raven's shop Bella Quilts is located on Main Street in Hamilton and I was excited to see what the shop looked like. I knew that Raven was big into reproduction fabrics so I was anxious to see what she was going to carry. I used to work with Raven at a quilt shop, too. :)

Her shop is sooo cute!! It's not super cluttered or overwhelming and she has MODA!!! No one on this side of Cincinnati has MODA! I have to drive 45 minutes to go to Fabric Shack to see a smidgen of Moda.

With Raven's permission, I snapped a few shots and told her that I would post them on my blog.


Raven loves hand applique and I think that a lot of her quilt classes will involve applique of some sort!


There's Raven at the cash register in the lime shirt!


I don't think that Raven has a website, but the shop is on Facebook.

Don't all of these fabrics just look yummy!!

Now, when the gals are here in April, the knitters can shop at the yarn shop and everyone can wait at the fabric shop for us! lol


Cheryl Willis said...

looks like a nice shop, isn't it neat when they carry your brand of fabric! cw

Regina said...

LOL - I will wait there ANYDAY! Looks so inviting!!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

FUN!! Always good to have a new fabric shop to spend money in!

Jamie W said...

Okay, now I KNOW I don't get out of the house enough when there is a new quilt shop not but a mile or so from my house!!!!!! Sad I tell ya!! Looks like I might be getting out of the house today heheheheh! ;)

Amy said...

Hey----just offering my shelf service here....

I have LOADS of space on my newly organized shelves now to house some of your fabric!! Just send it my way and feel good knowing it will be enjoyed just as much (if not more) than if you were to keep it yourself.....


Alright, alright....not gonna happen, but thought I'd still offer it!

elizabeth said...

jill i went to bella quilts last week. i loved it. the building is perfect for the types of fabric she carries. i will be going there every chance i get when i have a little extra cash. Raven wasnt there the day i was there she was at a doctors appointment. i use to love to talk to her everytime i shopped in the other place before i started working there. i missed her when she left but now i know where to find her. she knows so much about quilting and it is fun to talk to her. i heard she might try moving into the larger place next to her later on if things keep moving along and it is available. by the way, i started thinking about all you do and have started my own goals now. i am putting the binding on one of the two quilts that i have had sitting unbound for awhile. see you can change peoples habits when they see what you get finished thanks Jill keep us posted

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

YIKES...another quilt shop! You didn't buy anything?!?!