Friday, July 9, 2010

Dag Nabbit!

Otherwise known as expletive expletive expletive!!
Last night, I turned my computer on and kept getting the 'Windows did not start correctly" screen and after trying all of the options several times, I have determined that Windows does not WANT to start correctly. I believe that it has the ability, it just lacks the courage to follow through on the process. That's my version of the story anyway. My computer guru/neighbor has been out of town all week and hasn't responded to my text from last night. I'm hoping that he is just camping and out of service range. I'm also hoping that he will be home this weekend to take a look and see what we can do to get Windows to start behaving appropriately!
I had pictures to share, but I can't access them right now. I will say that I have found magazines and several quilting books to share this month for future giveaways. Providing that I can continue posting and can begin to add pictures to said postings. Who wants to sign up for a giveaway when they don't know what they are getting?
Well, apparently the bloggers who are located outside of the US, that's who! lol
I only have 2 comments on the post for the International Giveaway! I will say that with the fabric I posted on the International Giveaway ( post will be made into several items for the Giveaway. Probably 4 items, if that helps. And there will be other goodies that will added, it just won't be as large of a giveaway as the BIG Giveaway (
The only other thing that I can say about the Giveaways is that I have responded to everyone who has entered with a valid email address to let them know that I have them down on my list and how many entries they have. If I haven't responded to you, I can't reach you. :)
And lastly, this weekend promises to be one of great accomplishments at my house! Well, maybe not... My windows (real ones, not software ones! lol) and patio door are going to be installed on Wednesday. I have to get things moved away from the walls and this will mostly affect my stash room. I'm hoping that looking at all my fabric will not sidetrack me too drastically!
My plans are as follows:
-Finish trimming up the scraps that were on the hope chest/my staging area
-Finish knitting on the sweater front and start the back
-Work on the Jitterbug YBR blocks - they need to be assembled into the top
-Start cutting up the FQs that I pulled for a few more goodies for the giveaway
-Cut the fabric for the quilt for my Computer Guru/Neighbor - I'm just dying to show off this pattern and to see how the blocks are going to look!
-Spend some turtle time with Maxie (see Pic - because I am sending this from gmail, I wasn't sure where it was going to end up and since I am at work, I wasn't able to see the post clearly to see if his picture was in the original one. What a pain this is going to be! lol)
Catch ya later!


Amy said...

Since I have graduated college, I slowly slowly have been turned into a MAC person! I never thought it would have happened, but it did. My Minor is college was Computer Info. Systems; ALL PC/Windows training, but......a MAC is so simple compared to PC's. So, that's MY story I'm sticking with.

I am sorry about your tech. problems; my mother is often in the same boat :0( And sadly, I don't help matters by saying...."ya should get a MAC" ;0)

GOOD LUCK! We'll be patient to see the pics.

Quilting_Chris said...

Oh,I feel your pain. My well loved PC freezes at the most inopportune times. I think it's the power supply or the disk has a bad sector. I am trying to love my new Vista based all-in-1, but we have a ways to go before we fully bond.

Hope your neighbor is able to get you up and running soon.

Jennifer said...

Maybe your PC windows will be happier when your house has new windows? Hope you can make it through the weekend ok...if nothing else, it should be productive!

Gina said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading so I'll be in the giveaway in a minute. LOL
You look like you are goingto have a busy weekend. I'm planning a liitle hand quilting in the garden

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Deanna said...

You will LOVE new windows. We did it a few years back and, wow, what a difference.

It will brighten your life so much you are sure to get that list done.

elizabeth said...

best of luck to you on your computer issues

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Crap! C'mon Windows, you can do it. Don't be jealous....the windows she keeps talking about replacing are made of glass!!! Fingers crossed you get it figured out. Good luck cleaning up in the stash room!