Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend To Do

Next weekend, I am heading down to Florida with my grandma to see my parents. I am trying to wrap up some loose ends here and this weekend is going to be my last chance, I think. I'm hoping that I can make a big dent in the sewing that I want to do so that I can take some new things to work on while I am there. The only plans for the week while I am there are to relax, sew and go to a quilt show. I hope to set my machine up on the lanai for a while.
Here are the things that I hope to accomplish this weekend!
1. Quilt and attach binding to the mini quilt
2. Attach binding to the poinsettia table runner
3. Cut out the rest of the pants
4. Sew pants!
5. Bind two Project Linus quilts
6. Load Regina's quilt onto frame and attempt to start quilting
7. Pull out the February UFO to see where I am
8. Make the dogs' fleece blanket - this has been on my to do list for far too long!
Last night, I was able to hem my jeans so that was off my list before I even wrote it!
Today, Max went to the vet for a teeth cleaning and they pulled 3 more teeth. I think that both dogs could do with baths before we head south. I hope that Max isn't as needy this time as he was the last time.
I'm also hoping to make a little time for some house cleaning before I leave.
And I can't decide on what I should take with me to work on. I know that one thing will be the UFO, but I can't decide if I should take other UFOs or if I should take the GO and novelties and work on some I Spy quilts. I have several patterns that I want to make into I Spy quilts, but I haven't made the time to pull the tub out to look through the fabrics. Thoughts?
Happy Friday!!!


Angelcat said...

Wow sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead!

Kristie said...

Poor little Max getting his teeth pulled. Smokey only has a few teeth left. :( Good luck on that list! Sounds like you will be super busy!

Kate said...

That's your weekend list? It would be my list for an entire month! Hope you can find the time this weekend to finish it all up.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

"Thoughts" you ask.....the only thought in my mind is "WOW! That's quite a list!!!!!"
Good luck on those goals girl!

I would suggest you take UFOs to work on. Why? If that's all you take and are in the mood to sew/quilt, you HAVE to work on UFOs rather than something that might be much more fun (I Spy playin'). ;0)

Melinda said...

Good luck with your weekend goals. Quilt show? Where in Florida? I am going to be in Florida the 19th to 26th.

Deanna said...

My suggestion is to stay away from the computer and at the machine. That is quite a list.

QuiltSue said...

My thought? Take it all!!!

Regina said...

I agree with QuiltSue - if you have room in the car - why not take both the GO and bin, and the UFO's - that way you can do what you are in the mood for. And THAT is why we drive a minivan! :-)

Ted and Donna said...

Give our love to G&G and your Mom & Dad when you get there! Check out the picture of our whole family I sent them. I know it arrived so hopefully they've set it out. Just want you to know how much I'm loving my snuggy in the RV. It's been unusually cold down here in the Rio Grande Valley and it has seen me through every evening whether I'm watching TV, on the computer or reading. I love it (even though Ted said I look like a monk)!

Jennifer said...

You have a busy weekend ahead of you! I think you'll have a blast if you take your GO with you on your trip and your mom can go through the tub and pull fabrics as you cut.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Good luck getting everything in order before you leave. Have a great trip! Are you flying or driving?