Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Closer Look

While in Florida, I made a Margo bag for my mom. I had bought the fabric to make it for Christmas, but time got away from me. I posted a picture on my Sunday Stash Report, but here are some better pictures of the bag. The pink is "Flashback" from Hoffman and the lime green and orange are batiks.



I even took Peltex to make the insert to keep the bottom flat. I did get a little ahead of myself and attached the batting to the wrong part of the pocket side, but mom had heavy interfacing and I actually like how her's turned out. I'm going to make that mistake again!

And here is the newest addition to their family, Sassy. She is a sweetheart and a love sponge. In spite of her nipping at Max when we first got there, I think he liked her by the time we left. Dad wouldn't let me bring her home though!



Kristie said...

Sassy is a cutie pie! I do love that bag! I looked at that pattern yesterday at the quilt shop but could not decide between it and the bow tucks bag. I really like them both.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Love sponge... HAHAHAHHAHA!

That bag is beautiful! I just love all the colors!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Love the bag! I have yet to make a Margo for myself. It's on the list! I have the pattern... just need to find the time.

Melinda said...

Great bag. Love your choice of colors. Your mom must be thrilled. I use those corrugated plastic political/ community signs that you see on the side of the road. After the event, the groups are happy to have you use them. They are the perfect strength for bag bottoms, weigh nothing and cut with a utility knife.

Regina said...

I need to make a new one before next month.... hmmm..... what colors to choose is the toughest part!

Jennifer said...

The purse looks great and the puppy even better!