Friday, April 15, 2011

IQF - Friends and Finds

Toward the end of the class that Regina and I took, the "Southern Intruders" arrived at the show. They came to our class to see us and then went to wait for us so that we could go into the show for Preview Night together. As soon as we were done with class, we ran our supplies to the car, gobbled down some dinner and rushed into the Quilt Show!

Thursday night, we concentrated on the vendors and got a little more than halfway through the rows. I think that we were all pretty worn out though and by 8, we were headed back to my house to set up the beds, do a little show and tell and then hit the sack. Regina and Sue had air mattresses set up in my room on the floor and Carolyn and Marj were in the spare bedroom/current stash room. I told them that there were alarms on the stash and since none went off all weekend, I believe that this was enough of a deterrent!

Here is all of us in front of the photo quilt at the show. From the left, there's Marj, Carolyn, Sue, Regina and me.


On Friday, the Southern Intruders had an afternoon class and we all decided that it would be best to drive separately so that Regina and I could come back and start making dinner for us and the extra guests. Sue, Marj and Carolyn headed down to the show and Regina and I made a lunch for us to enjoy. It was so much sweeter that we didn't have to pay $10 or more a meal! Regina and I shopped a little before lunch and finished the vendors after lunch and then started looking at the quilt before we headed back to work on the food.

In total, we had the 5 who were here at the house, Jean (her name is Lois when she comments), Kelly from I Have a Notion and Barb and almost 2 month old Charlie.

100_3780 Kelly and Sue here. And can you see how excited the pups are to have new people to pay attention to them? And the piles of goodies in the background on the floor? I'm surprised there was anything left at the show! lol

100_3781 And Jean and Marj.

And that was the extent of my pictures from Friday night. Although, once we were finished with dinner, a group from Indianapolis came over with Jennifer and Carol, Jennifer's mom, and they enjoyed dessert with us. Most of the ladies were excited to be able to see Charlie and most everyone got a turn to hold him. Barb seemed happy to have a little relief from that. :) Sue was able to get some valuable experience since she has 3 grandbabies due this fall - twins and an 'extra' - within 3 weeks of each other!

Kelly brought me a quilt calendar and it is already hanging up in my kitchen. Great quilts in the calender! Thanks much, Kelly!!

Sue, Marj and Carolyn supplied the rest of us with little goodies from their city and Guild. I think that we were all very surprised when they pulled out the little baggies and passed them around. The gals also surprised me with a quilt kit of dog fabric that they said was for the hostess with the mostess! I think that the pups like the fabric and want it made ASAP!


Sue also made Regina and I totes that we used during the show. They were large and held lots of goodies that we bought. Here is mine! Thanks, Sue!! I am still using it to lug things to and from work!


Saturday, we all went back to the show and split up. We saw Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs before we went into the show and made plans to have lunch with her and her mom and friend.


Then, Regina and I went off to finish looking at quilts. (There will be a special post for the quilt pics!) Once we had eaten and finished looking at quilts, Barb was done working at her shop's booth, but hadn't seen any of the show. Regina and I met her, helped her pick up Charlie when her hubby dropped him off and then Regina and I took turns looking after Charlie and helping Barb shop.

When we were done at the Quilt Show, Regina, Barb, Charlie, Sue, Marj, Carolyn and I headed out to Waynesville and Fabric Shack. We went to the local diner first for a quick bite and peanut butter pie so that we didn't have to shop the Shack on empty stomachs. Luckily, the Shack had extended hours for the show and we ended up just about closing the shop again.

After we bye to Barb, our tiny group came back to my house and had show and tell and some leftover snacks. It was a nice and relaxing end to a great day!

And without further ado, here are my goodies! From the Quilt Show... the only thing that I was really looking for were the thimbles and I was lucky enough to find two.


And the Shack! One yard cuts for $3 each! And some Valentine hunks for pillowcases!! And Fresh Flowers charm packs, layer cakes and yardage. I already have the pattern picked out for this!


And everyone left on Sunday. :'-( It was a great visit and the dogs and I missed everyone as soon as they left! I'm sure we will do it again!


Jennifer said...

I didn't even get to see your purchases, love that mnster kit and the precuts of fresh - I love that line too!

Libby said...

You got some great stuff! I can't wait to see the quilts!

Deanna said...

Now, that looks like FUN!

Regina said...

:-) It was great fun - itching to get sewing on things!!!

Anonymous said...

My feet aren't normal yet, but I sure had fun!!!!

Michele said...

That sounds like it was lots of fun!

Tracy said...

I love that Fresh Flowers collection. I bought a FQ pack at my LQS but it didn't include the top fabric in your packs...I think I like it the best!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Look at all that loot!