Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - May 10

Not a great week for the Challenge this week. I tried to do just 15 minutes a day. Here is how my week shaped up.
Tuesday, May 3 - I don't think that I did any sewing. I think that I spent some time straightening up my sewing area and all of the In Progress projects on the staging area.
Wednesday, May 4 - I didn't WANT to do anything, but my made myself put the leaders on the frame rails and put the rails back on the frame. I felt much better once this was finished. Then, I read. lol
Thursday, May 5 - I can't remember what I did this night so I probably just watched TV and read. Or surfed the net. There was a Blog Hop going on for the 3rd 100 block Volume from Quiltmaker magazine.
Friday, May 6 - No sewing. I think that I read and went to sleep early.
Saturday, May 7 - I got a wild hair almost as soon as I woke up and I spent about 3 hours couponing. I prepped a list for CVS and for the local grocery store (Kroger's) and found relevant coupons. Then, I was so excited about saving that I went out and shopped on a Saturday afternoon. Knowing how much I dislike crowds, this was a big deal for me. I ended up saving a little more than $100 just at the grocery store and about 50% at the CVS while earning around $6 in Extra Bucks to spend on a future order. I was gone from the house for 3 hours and then spent quite a bit of time unloading the car and putting everything away. I think that I am hooked on couponing!
Oh, and in spite of being so tired, I loaded the Flamingo quilt on the quilt frame to try out the new leaders.
Sunday, May 8 - I quilted the Flamingo quilt for my mom in honor of Mother's Day!
Monday, May 9 - and on the 7th day, I rested! Kidding! But I didn't get anything crafty accomplished yesterday. :)
I hope to do better this week and I plan on doing at least 15 minutes a day except for Wednesday which is a Guild meeting. And I want to get a couple more quilts quilted this week to keep trying out the new leaders. So far, they have worked well! I have a few spots to fix from where I went too fast and the top thread eyelashed on the bottom of the quilt, but overall the quilting looks great!
Check Kate's blog to see how everyone else did!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Are you going to turn into one of those Extreme Couponers?? LOL! I haven't shopped at CVS in ages because they are so expensive! Maybe I should pay attention more to their sales.

Melinda said...

That Extreme Couponing show sure does make you think about all those savings. But I think they are just a different kind of hoarder. I use coupons but if I have to choose between a stash of toothpaste and a stash of fabric, well, that's a no brainer.

elizabeth said...

Jill great savings just dont turn into one of those extreme couponers or you wont have any room for fabrics. I saw one person that had so much stuff stored thee is now way he can use all that food before it expires

Libby said...

Sounds like you are still getting things done! I'm with you on Saturday shopping..hate it! Too many people with wobbly shopping buggies just standing around looking at labels and such...getting in my way!! GRRRR!

Kate said...

Maybe this week was the Quitling Mojo convention somewhere and we all lost our Mojo's for a few days?

Still 4 out of 7 days on quilting stuff is still more than half the week. Hope this week goes better.

Kristie said...

Love couponing! We would not be able to survive without coupons! I use them everytime that I shop and I have a good stock of household supplies and personal items. Use a lot for groceries too but they eat them up fast!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

You "got a wild hair"...haven't heard that term in a LONG time!