Saturday, May 21, 2011

A busy few days

It's been a busy week and hasn't been conducive to blogging. I still have to write my book reviews for Thursday and answer my PIGS question for the week. :)

Wednesday night, I went to my coupon class and learned so much! I have gotten permission to write a blog post and include the steps that we learned in the class. We also got a ton of coupons in a goodie bag for registering for the class!

After class, I went to my old friend Jodi's house and met her husband and kids. We made plans to get a group together to make up our coupon binders and talk coupons. I'm very excited!

Since I was out so late on Wednesday, I didn't do much on Thursday night except watch some TV and clip some coupons.

Friday was a big day for me! I took the day off from work to work on some home improvements. I had originally planned on painting in the upstairs bathroom, but I ended up working solely on the first floor in the kitchen, entry way and bathroom. I started by filling in nail holes in the trim that I was going to paint - I still need to fill in the holes in the wood quarter round trim. Next, I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees and then washed the trim so it was ready for paint. While I was washing the trim, I went ahead and washed some spots on the wall and the place is really looking great!

Once I finished that, I ate lunch and headed out for some shopping and errands. I stopped at a couple of stores to pick up the deals for the week and I got lucky and got some great coupons at one of the grocery stores. I also picked up some Rubbermaid (sale) and Ziplock containers (with a coupon) and Ziplock bags (sale AND coupons!) so that I can start making meals and putting servings in the freezer for future use.


I also got the binder inserts that I need to make a coupon binder. Woo hoo!!


Best of all, I got paint at the Home Depot and there is a $5 rebate on Behr paint! I plan on going back tomorrow to get 3 gallons that I will need for the bedroom switch!


It was a great few days, but man was I pooped! I'm glad that I took the day off of work to get all of this done!


Jennifer said...

You have been busy! Looks like you are making great progress on several fronts.

Susan C said...

I got tired just reading about all you did! You must have a great sense of accomplishment. An evening spent just kicking back with the TV and the pups was certainly well earned.

Regina said...

Awesome!! So glad my painting job has not involved taping or pre-washing (hard to wash rough paneling)... and that it is ALMOST done! can't wait to see how your big jobs come along! :-)

Kristie said...

Now where did I miss that you were taking a coupon class? Hmmmm....interesting! :) I have been couponing for several years and LOVE it! I must say that since Richard lost his job last year I coupon more than I did in the past. I want to make sure that I can stretch every penny. It really does payoff if you just take the time to do it.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Look at you go!!! PS - I have that same Rubbermaid assortment!