Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Change of plans

After the hot and humid weekend that we just had, I realized that it could be the heat that is inhibiting my sewing productiveness. A couple of summers ago, I moved my sewing area to the first floor due to the heat and it was a nice change of pace. I am now thinking that I should do it again. It was much cooler on the first floor than it was in the bedroom for most of the weekend.

All of this got me to thinking that it would be so much easier for me to move my sewing area to the first floor, move the things from the spare bedroom into the sewing area in the master bedroom and then start working on the walls in the spare bedroom. The biggest advantage is that I wouldn't have to move everything down the stairs and then back up the stairs during the hottest months of the year!

If I do change my plans in this manner, it also means that I can start moving things to the first floor almost immediately and then start unloading things from the spare bedroom soon after that. I won't have to worry about cleaning up anything on the first floor which is what I have been waiting to do for the past month. Well, not waiting so much as stalling.

So starting tomorrow night - not tonight as I am already starting to yawn and therefore need to head to bed - I am going to move things to the first floor so that I can sew and cut and prep when I have a chance. Once I have everything there, I will start moving things out of the spare bedroom so that I can start working on the walls!

My big push for this change is that I have a coupon for a local furniture store that expires in early to mid August. At least, I think it is in August. I thought I had printed the coupon so I need to find it again just to be sure.... Ok, I just found it and it is August 17. Anyway, I want to get the rooms in order so that I can buy a replacement mattress set for the day bed that will become the dogs' bed in the new quilting studio. So I want to try and have things mostly done by then so that I can move the new mattress set right into the new studio.

This is all just a long winded way of me saying that I haven't been sewing much. I did draw up 2 patterns in EQ last week, ordered some new fabric for one of the patterns and pressed some fabric to cut. I haven't done much cutting other than the bags that I want to get done. Those might be my first order of business when I get set up down stairs.

For now, I am not going to worry about the Tiny Tuesday or PIGS posts. I hope that you understand and I hope to get back to them very soon!

Wish me luck!! And if anyone wants to come and volunteer to help, I will take most of the help that I can get! :)

I leave you now with a picture of Maisy. She is doing 100% better and thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers!



Amy said...

All that moving around sounds like it'll take a load of energy; good thing you're stocking up by relaxing tonight :0)
Be sure to take Before/After pics

Melinda said...

Did I read that right, a new mattress for the dogs? Please don't tell my dogs. LOL
I think your sewing area plan for the summer is a great idea. I have a girl friend who does that every summer - she shuts off the upstairs during the day and saves a bundle on not having to air condition it.
Am spending lots of my day with an audio book - thanks.

Deanna said...

Have fun! I guess I am strange, but moving things around and organizing them makes me happy. I wish I were closer and I would be there in a minute.

Deb A said...

Short summers beg to be outside enjoying the weather while we can. Plenty of time to sew once it cools down. Have fun moving and I hope the dogs enjoy the new beds. Had to laugh... I put in a bay window for my cat at my first house! Ollie loved it but the neighbors thought I was nuts!

Anonymous said...

" And if anyone wants to come and volunteer to help, I will take most of the help that I can get! :)"

Is that a hint?

<----- works for ice cream

Kristie said...

Sounds like a plan! I have most of my sewing stuff upstairs in the new house and since we don't have a/c in there as of yet, it is extremely hot up there.

Kate said...

My sewing space is upstairs too and it is much warmer in the summer. Moving downstairs sounds like a good idea since it will help with multiple goals. Unfortunately I'm stuck upstairs.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Have fun moving stuff around this weekend. Take lots of breaks and stay cool!!!