Friday, September 2, 2011

Flimsie Storage

While I was organizing my quilting things for the quilt studio, I realized that I had a stack of flimsies that had not been hanging in the closet with the yarn. After sending the Star Struck flimsie to Amy, I had 5 flimsies leftover that weren't on hangers.

What to do, what to do? Where could I put these 5 flimsies?

I had a major brainstorm!! I had an old pants hanger that can hold 5 pairs of pants like this one below and I was going to donate it to GoodWill...

pant hanger

Brainstorm!!! I thought, why not put my flimsies on it?

Here it is with all 5 flimsies - and backings for 4 of them.


I just slid the flimsie and the backing onto the wires and staggered them so that they hung on different sides of the hanger.


Two on one side, two on the other and the one at the bottom hanging off the center.


And here is the hanger in the bedroom closet. There are 2 or 3 other quilts to the right and the yarn to the left.


This is going to be a great use of space!!

These little guys got their nails clipped last night and they were still pouting when I took this picture.



Deb A said...

Great idea!

Jean(ie) said...

Great idea! now get those flimsies quilted!!! Bwahahahaahahahaha!!!!

Kristie said...

Love that idea! But my problem is all of my 34+ flimsies would fill up the closet! LOL! Looks like you have a good selection of yarn stored up too!

Cheryl Willis said...

my flimsys go from being folded to hung up back to folded, I think it is because I am in denial that there are so many, when I fold them it hides them for awhile. when I hang them it is because I think I am going to start quilting, so I get the TO DO's out.

Regina said...

awesome idea!

Kate said...

Very organized!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great idea. Mine are hanging over my balcony. It's a bit out of control here. Lol!