Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mid-Week Update

Not much is going on here that I can show, but I wanted to do a quick update before the festivities start tomorrow.

Tonight, I finished up the quilting on a secret project. It looks fantastic, but you will have to take my word for it for now. I will be able to show it off eventually!

And now that it is done, I can get back to some other things that need my attention. It's a good thing that there is a 4 day weekend that started at 3PM today!

First on my list is straightening up my place because I am having Thanksgiving here for me, my aunt and my cousin. It's my first time hosting a holiday meal so I am a little excited. I have a couple of movies for us to watch and the menu is all planned. And this guy is defrosting as I type!


For the rest of the weekend, I plan on being creative! This package showed up on Monday and I almost forgot that I ordered them on Friday. Red snappers for the quilt frame! I wasn't going to buy them until I upgraded my frame, but then I decided that I should just get them and make loading my current set up easier.


I need to sew casings into my leaders before I can use them and then I plan on loading a quilt on it right away to see how much easier they are to use than the pins. I can not wait!!

I have 3 quilts that I plan on quilting this weekend. And at least 3 others that I plan on piecing - Autos, Bays and Cows. (Like how I did the ABC's?) And I am most definitely hitting the closest JoAnn's for the Black Friday sales. This girl needs some more batting!! :)

Oh and sorry that I missed the Tiny Tuesday. I didn't get to finish a block and figured I would just save it for next week. And hopefully post 2 then!

So stay tuned! I am sure that I will have some progress to show on projects that I can show! :-D


Deb A said...

Good luck on all your goals this holiday weekend.

Jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving - hope the turkey is tasty! I look forward to hearing about the red snappers...there has been quite the buzz about them on the HQ list.

Regina said...

Looks awesome -can't wait to see what your Black Friday spending spree brings home!!! ;-)

Brenda said...

I thing those red rods will be easier to use the pins. I am interested to know how they work for you. I sent the link to friendds who quilt, to see what they think. Thanks for sharing and don't get into to much touble at JoAnn's!! But, just enough...!!
Have great weekend and have fun playing with your new toy!!

Kristie said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Enjoy your shopping day on Friday, can't wait to see your goodies.

Amy said...

Please please keep us (me) updated about the installation of the red snappers and how they work out. I haven't given in yet to all the talk; I need some true testimonials first.

Your JoAnns shopping spree appears to have gone well! Those fiskar scissors are amazing; I have a pair next to my machine for chain-piece trimming.

Enjoy your weekend!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

I'm impressed that you made that turkey! As long as MIL & SIL are around I won't have to make one myself!

Checking out these red snappers. Saw a video...looks pretty cool. Enjoy!