Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Retreat surprises

When I was preparing for the Shipshewana retreat a couple of weeks ago, I read on Ruthie's blog that her hubby made a big board for one of the door prizes. I thought that was pretty cool and as I was loading up the car, I thought to myself that I should be sure to save room for that big board.

Imagine my surprise when my name was called for the big board when Ruthie was pulling names for the door prizes. I was shocked and I am sure that it registered on my face as Ruthie was calling my name. I know that I couldn't move for a few seconds!


For those of you not in the know, a big board sits on top of your regular sized ironing board and makes the space for ironing bigger. It's quite nice to not have the corners cut off of one side of the space!

So the next retreat surprise is .... This past Saturday I had a few friends over to have a sew in, or a "retreat" if you will, to show off my new quilt studio. We also wanted to see how many quilters we could comfortably squeeze into the room while still getting some sewing accomplished. We had 5 in the room at one time, but unfortunately I did not get a picture.

Now since there were so many in the room, we were a little short on space so we set up a cutting mat on the left side of the big board which left the right side for ironing. All was well until after we returned from dinner and a certain someone** had ingested a little tequila.

A certain someone is at the big board with fabric, fusible interfacing, the iron and a rotary cutter.

A second someone states very clearly, "Make sure you got the shit turned the right way so you don't mess any of my stuff up."

A cut is made and the room turns silent.

And then...

All hell breaks loose! There were bursts of laughter and cries of anguish. There may or may not have been some urine leakage.

It certainly was a surprise!


**Names have been omitted to protect the innocent .... and the guilty!


Jean(ie) said...


Regina said...

Better the board than some fingers... that's all I'm sayin'... where there's a Jill -there must be a way to fix it!!!

Babs said...

BWAH!! I agree with Reg - it could have been a finger (or a hot shot of steam to the face)!!

You failed to mention ONE thing though...that the ironing table was also holding the cutting mat! Clearly it's not a dual purpose table ;)

Cheryl Willis said...

Iron an applique piece over it and call it a design element.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

LMAO!! That is too funny!! I've been wanting a big board like that. I think I'll get my husband on it to make me one for Christmas.

scraphappy said...

Tequila and rotary cutters definitely do not mix!

Tracy said...

You need a breathalyzer to be allowed to run the rotary cutter?!

Jennifer said...

Bwahahahahaha! Great stories always come from quilting friends and tequila, don't they?

Melinda said...

Try slipping some Stitch Witchery under the damage. And next time, gift everyone Depends as they arrive.

SubeeSews said...

My fat cat always liked the big board for sleeping. But over 10 years or so, she ended up bending my 1965 almond green ironing board. I made my wedding dress on that board! Baby is gone now but I still have my leaning board!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Cool on the big board....bummer on the ouchie.

NurseBrandy said...

Oh no! But so funny at the same time.... Now you can make a cover with fabric of your choice, right? I try to keep my glass half-full... lol