Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 2/9

Last week was another week without a finish. And surprisingly enough, I still only have 1 finish for this week.

I finished the second Lucy Stone book, Tippy Toe Murder, by Leslie Meier. This series is turning out to be fairly easy to read when I make the time to do it. In this book, Lucy is 6 months pregnant and a stay at home mom and she keeps herself busy with play dates and running the kids to their activities. A series of events occur that seem to be unrelated, but by the end of the book, everything is connected. A retired dance instructor goes missing just before the big summer dance recital leaving no clues behind for anyone to locate her. And the clerk at the local hardware store is being hassled by her boss about cash that has started going missing from the register since the boss’s grandson started working at the shop.

Franny borrows Lucy’s video camera to set up in the store and prove to the boss that she isn’t the one stealing and the boss then accuses her of stealing the camera and fires her on the spot. When Lucy goes to the store to reclaim her camera, she finds the boss dead in his office with the bloody camera on the desk. And so begins the journey to find the missing killer and the missing dance teacher.

As I said above, this was a fairly easy read when I made the time to read it. I enjoy the characters and the plot can be easy to figure out even with the twists that are added in here and there. I’ve downloaded a few of the books in the series onto my Kindle when they were free so I will definitely keep reading the series to see what happens next.

And now I have to think about what I can listen to in the car with Granma while we drive to Florida... Any suggestions?


Jean said...

I just love mysteries.... Even the corny ones. If you can get a Chyna Bales mystery (Susan Albert Wittig) or those funny Pennsylvania Dutch mystery (Tamar Myers) or the Laura Childs tea shop mystery.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You know what is fun and won't offend Grandma? The "Miss Julia" series by Ann B. Ross. Light mystery/comedy. I really enjoy them. I've only listened to them on audio and I do like the narrator. She makes them sound old yet upbeat. Look into them.