Thursday, April 12, 2012

IQF this weekend!!!

All week, I have been super busy and haven't made the time to post anything.

Monday, I had the Annual Meeting for my HOA and I was voted back on the Board for this coming year. After the meeting, I went to Applebee's with Aaron and Kim - my neighbors - and didn't get home until late. Apparently, I missed some excitement about the results of the election.

Tuesday, I had to drop Barb's quilt and my quilt off to Lynn for delivery to the quilt show. I spent the rest of the night working on the binding for the dog quilt.

Wednesday, I had a Guild meeting and I didn't plan on staying, but we had to wait until the break to get our passes to the show to see our quilts so I worked on the dog quilt and then kept working on it when I got home.

Tonight, I met with a tax guy to get some questions answered so that I can finish up my taxes. I had to run to the grocery store to get dog food and some snacks for the show this weekend. When I got home, I finished the dog quilt and it is now in the washer. I will have pictures to show tomorrow because I will get some before I hand the quilt off to my co-worker. And I am working on cleaning up the condo.

And I am cleaning up the condo because... Jennifer is coming over to Cincinnati tomorrow night to stay the night and then head to the show with me on Saturday! Woo hoo!!! I'm so excited that she is coming to share in my excitement about having a quilt in the show!!

So if anyone is coming to the show in Cincinnati on Saturday, email me and let me know so that maybe we can meet up! And if we can't, be sure to find my quilt in the Ohio Star exhibit! And look for the Ohio Valley Quilter's Guild raffle quilt and buy some tickets! It's a pretty nice quilt! :)

Don't miss me while I am gone from the blog this weekend! I promise that I will have some quilt pictures from the show next weekend!



Marj said...

I got to have lunch with Regina, Susan and Carolyn today. We are all sad that we are unable to be in Cincinnati to see your quilt this weekend. I am trying to get them to plan on doing the show next year. I hope you have a wonderful day at the show.

Vicky said...

Have a great time at the show! Lots of pictures, please! Love the pup in the sunshine! He looks like he's about to fall asleep! LOL

Jean said...

Have tons of fun!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Have a great time!

Regina said...

wish I could have bent space and time to be there and SC and home all at once...