Monday, November 26, 2012

Modern Designs for Classic Quilts Winner!

Tonight is the night that I am sure you have all been waiting for! I am drawing the winner for the Modern Designs for Classic Quilts book!

There were so many wonderful comments about the book and my quilting for the book! Shortly after my post for the blog tour, I told Kelly that I feel like a rock star and all I did was a little quilting!

Thanks for all the comments!

That being said, only 1 entry can win. I ran a True Number Generator and it came back with #20.

Doris said...
I lean Andie's way, a little more traditional modern than improvisational modern. She and I have had that conversation over email before. I'm very excited about this book release, and can't wait to look it over in person!
Congratulations, Doris!! I will be emailing you shortly!

1 comment:

Jean(ie) said...

Yay Doris! I know she will LOVE her book!!!!!!!!!!