Saturday, December 8, 2012

I hope it gets easier...

This weekend is the last chance that I will have to work on my Modern Dresden Plate quilt that has to be ready to show on Wednesday.

Ready to show as in completed.

As in quilted. And bound. With a hanging sleeve.

I have my fabric purchased. I have my quilt designed in my head with the quilting thoroughly thought out.

I thought that I had a good idea about how to make the blocks, but I decided that I wanted to test it out just to be sure.

I am so glad that I tested my idea about the blocks because I was wrong. WRONG!

I finally decided to print out a template to get the angles a little closer to what they should be. And I managed to salvage what I had already cut, sewn, pressed and cut again.

A mess of scraps resulted.

And a quarter of a block with a sliver missing.

And here are the templates that I decided I couldn't do without.

I need to make another quarter of a block in the morning to see how it works out. Then, I can start cutting, sewing, pressing, etc.

Oh and I have just a little farther to go on the quilt that is on the frame. That will be finished tomorrow to give me the room to load the Dresden Plate. IF (BIG IF!) the blocks are finished and then assembled into a quilt top.

Only time will tell.....

At least I have a little support at home with me!


Jennifer said...

Good luck! Hope it all goes splendidly today.

Teri said...

Classic dresden plate is the only quilt block that has ever mastered me. I still have the pieces hanging on my design wall as a reminder.

Regina said...

I'm not much help at anything other than right angles and regular triangles.... hope you get the right angles going soon!

Jean(ie) said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!
Go Jill! Go Jill! Go Jill!