Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 12/5

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I finally got the giveaway items for my last giveaway in September done. I am a slacker! I am sending 2 vintage-ish magazines, a thread catcher (left), a tool caddy (middle), a runaround bag (top right) and what I call a take along bag (middle right). I use my take along bag for my binding supplies and it is wonderful to be able to keep everything together.

I got 1 quilt quilted and tried out 2 new to me quilting designs. Double loops and ribbon stipple.

This is the quilt on the frame now. I'm just quilting a stipple over everything but the bright fabric diamonds.

Photo: Another quilt loaded in the frame!

And I finished the wall hanging for my co-worker. She said it was a big hit at the surprise birthday party!

I have spent the last few days wrapping up some loose ends so that I have nothing to distract me from the Dresden Plate quilt. I MUST have it done by next Wednesday. It is now the only thing on my list. I seriously need a big kick in the pants to get started on this. But I have a vision of the quilt blocks, the quilt top, the quilting and the finished quilt. Hmmm.... I wonder if they can just put that on the wall at the show.... lol

I also had an eye exam and got new glasses last week. They are quite a change from my last pair which I have had for 2 years which were a very close match to the pair I wore before that for 2+ years, etc. I'm still not used to seeing them on me when I look in a mirror, but I am getting more comfortable with them! I think that I finally got them adjusted so that they are not lopsided horizontally AND so that they stick out from my face the same amount. It's kind of a pain to have your eyelashes on just one eye hit the glasses. lol

Last week...
Quilt 2 quilts - 1 done and returned, 1 on the frame with 3 passes made!
Finish picture wall hanging
Make goodies for the Blog Hop Giveaway - FINALLY FINISHED!
Start CMQG challenge quilt

Next week...
FINISH CMQG challenge quilt

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I go on the 17th for my own exam and new glasses. I LOVE new glasses. Since I wear them 100% of the time, I feel they need to be fun on the face. A fashion statement. I'm thinking of going a little bolder like you did. But then I debate myself because I LOVE have the magentic sunglass clip on my current glasses (and a few pairs prior). We'll see. The photo mini is great. I have decided to make one for my Grandmother for next year. Need to hit up the family for pictures and get an idea formed.

Jennifer said...

You got a lot done in a week! Hope the upcoming week is just as productive!

Dar said...

I think your "done" list is impressive and you WILL get your DP quilt finished in time. Your new glasses look great!! They match that great smile perfectly.