Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To Do List - 9/25

A couple of pictures to share before I get to my list. One is Lula over the weekend. Someone in the neighborhood shot off a single firework and she was shaking for the rest of the night. Poor thing!!
The other picture is a flower from the seedlings that I planted in the spring of this year and then moved to the flower beds. I get to see a huge bunch of these every time I walk out the door and they are pretty well hidden from everyone else's view. They are my little secret! And they are so beautiful!  I took more pictures of them and some of the other blooms last Friday morning when I locked myself out of the condo and had to wait for my sister to drive over and let me in. I will share those pictures later this week, I think.
Retreat is in a few weeks and I have several things that I want to get done before then. Where better to keep a list than on my blog! :)
In no particular order...
1. Ship giveaway book to Brenda
2. Ship quilt to cousin
3. Finish binding dog quilt
4. Quilt Black, Red and White strips - Ebb and Flow - loaded on the frame right now!
5. Quilt Black, Red and White flowers - Bubbles
6. Quilt Easy Street - Bubbles
6. Trim Easy Street and apply binding
7. Make Comic Strip quilt top and binding
8. Quilt Comic Strip quilt
9. Bind Comic Strip quilt
10. Quilt Snowflake quilt - Glacee
11. Quilt Lois' Celebration
12. Quilt houses
13. Design for Daisy quilt
14. Design for February wedding quilt
I am positive that other things are going to come up, but I think this is a really good start!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Go #10! LOL!!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Poor Lula! Fireworks are for July. Your flower is pretty. I have no luck starting with seeds. That's quite a long list, but there is no doubt you'll put a hurting on it.

Deb A said...

That is quite a list! Do you plan to sleep at all before retreat? Good luck crossing a bunch of things off the list before you go.

Jennifer said...

That's a big list! Poor Lula - my parents old dog was that way too - she was a total wreck during thunderstorms and fireworks :(

Regina said...

don't forget the eat, sleep, and feed the dogs on that list!!! well - if you don't feed them, they won't let you eat or sleep.