Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quilt #35 - Jennifer's Lois quilt

Jennifer sent me a Lois quilt to quilt for her and return to her at retreat. Jennifer has documented her journey with Lois' stash and the quilts she has made from Lois' UFOs and you can see that here.


This quilt has a stack and whack blocks made out of fabric with champagne bottles, flutes and fireworks. I quilted it with the Bubbles panto and chapagne colored So Fine in the top and Bottom line in the bobbin. I think it looks fantastic!


And some close up of the blocks...



Lula thinks so, too. She was jumping around too much for this picture, but she is still adorable!



Denny1600 said...

A special quilt. Cute Lula!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I think it looks great too! Thanks for quilting this one - it is somewhere around #30 that we have finished for her family.