Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review Thursday - 12/19

Oh these reviews are starting to get tedious to write. :) Touch of Dead is a collection of short stories in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. It's meant to explain some relationships and happenings that are only touched upon in the regular books. This book is only 3 discs long so it was a quick listen.

While I wasn't missing the back stories, these were a fun way to add a bit of information to the main stories.
Dead in the Family is the next novel in the same series. Claude is reeling from the death of his sister in the Fae war and wants to live with Sookie to help feel more fairy. And Sookie is trying to get over the torture she experienced at the hands of 2 others fairies during the war and explore her relationship with Eric. Then, Eric's maker shows up  with Eric's "brother" who was turned at the age of 13 which is something that Sookie has a hard time accepting.

This was another novel in the series where there was almost too much going on and not a lot was fully explored or just given the amount of space in the book that it should have deserved. I know that the series is ending and I am getting the idea that Harris is trying to just wrap up all of her story ideas quickly to be done with it. The books are still amusing and packed with action in parts.

I am STILL reading The Spymistress and have been for going on a month now. I am still a good chunk from being finished with it and I am thinking that I should have given up on it weeks ago. Chiaverini is the worst at regurgitating war facts with any interest. What makes you give up on books?

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