Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A good mail day!

Yesterday was a good mail day. Some may even say a great mail day!

The thread that I ordered last week was delivered.

I got 2 of the King Tut color cards. This will definitely help to pick colors in the future.


And I got all of this thread! Most of it was chosen with a specific quilt in mind.

Thread arrived today!! Two for @alli518 's quilt, one for @brooketyler2002 , one for @cmschnitt 's #quilt... One for the wedding quilt I'm still working on... And there are two others for upcoming quilts. And a bobbin thread. I'm gonna be busy!!! #ohcraft

Now, I have to get quilting!


Melinda said...

Now that I pay most of my bills digitally, I love getting mail. ;)

thea said...

wonderful mail! and such beautiful threads.

Kristie said...

Very nice selection!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Woot! Pretty threads. Have fun quilting!

Jennifer said...

Great colors - are they all King Tut?