Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Review Thursday - 2/13

I'm still not back to reading as much as I was in the last few months. But here are 2 new reviews. :) Ever After is the final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Every loose end is wrapped up in this book from the fae to Eric and Sam.

I enjoyed the series, but I am a little on the fence about whether I am glad that it is over. I enjoy the characters and the interactions, but the story lines are a little far fetched. I guess that is what happens with sci fy / fantasy type novels. All that being said, while I really enjoyed the Sookie series, I don't think that I will read any other novels by Harris in the near future. I'm done with the fantasy aspect for a while.
Every so often, Audible has buy two get one free sales. Sometimes they have some really good books offered and sometimes I can't find anything that interests me. A few months ago, I found a couple of books and searched and searched until I found another book that might be good. That is how I found Open Season by C.J. Box.

Joe Pickett has just started his job as game warden of a small Wyoming town and one of the local hunting outfitters has been found dead in Joe's backyard. While Joe begins investigating, the other outfitters are found dead in their campground. While the police are willing to blame the resident crazy local for the murders, Joe can't figure out why he would be involved and he continues to investigate.

I thought this was a pretty good book for the first in a series. The descriptions used of the landscape was great and the action and characters moved things along really well. I've already requested the next in the series from the library. :)

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