Friday, February 7, 2014

Quilt #3 - Allie's White and Brights

Tonight I finished quilting Allie's white and brights quilt. I used Spin Panto, Natural white So fine in the top and silver Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Spin Panto on quilt by @Alli518

Spin Panto on quilt by @Alli518

This panto quilted up so nicely on the quilt.

On to the next one! :)


Karen said...

Very pretty bright fabrics. I love the quilting.

barbara woods said...

love the quilt and the quilting

Regina said...

love the colors- and the panto!

Jennifer said...

Ditto what they said ;-)
It looks great!

Michele said...

Absolutely what they said. Love the colors and the quilting pattern for it is perfect.