Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quilt #4 - Log Cabin'ish Quilt

Sunday, I finished the next quilt for Alli. I'm not sure what the pattern is for this quilt, but it looks like a log cabin.

I quilted it using the Bubbles panto, natural white So Fine in the top and silver Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Quilting is Bubbles panto

Quilting is Bubbles panto

Quilting is Bubbles panto

Every time I use this panto, I remember how much fun it is to quilt! And the results are always adorable!


Deb A said...

Love that panto! The swirls are great. Such a pretty little quilt.

Jennifer said...

Bubbles is only fun to quilt when they actually look like bubbles....as yours do (and as you already know, mine do not!) ;-)