Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Review Thursday - 4/3

I have been trying to find a bit of time to read at night and have been a little successful in the past week with that. Run is the second novel in the Joe Pickett series by C. J. Box. Stewie Woods, an environmental activist, is blown up in Joe's forest and then more activists are killed. Joe's wife starts getting calls that make her and Joe think that Stewie was not killed in the explosion. Joe is also investigating a lawyer who may have made an illegal big game kill during the off season.

This was a great second entry in the Pickett series and I enjoyed the action and the descriptions of the wilderness where Joe works. The main characters are interesting and the story flowed well. I'm ready to listen to the next novel.
 Last night, I finished A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder. Charlie Edwards is on the brink of 30 and working as a personal assistant to Drew, a movie star. Her younger sister is planning a wedding and the whole family is involved and to say that Charlie is the only normal one in the family is a major understatement. Will she survive living the single life in LA and keep her sanity? Hard to say.

I found this author on my library's website and decided to start with her first published novel. I thought that the book was a little slow to start and it had an annoying gimmick - Charlie writing to her great-great-niece (or something) because as she is single and about to turn 30, there's no way that she will ever get married and have a child of her own, right? So she is sharing her life knowledge with a future niece. Throughout the entire book. And apparently into the follow up novel.

That aside, the writing and storylines were pretty fantastic and I am already reading the next book. The characters are charming and the situations that Charlie encounters are amusing. Charlie loves her job even though Drew drives her nuts, but by his actions, he really cares for her. The scenes with her parents and grandparents are a riot!

Overall, a couple of great reads!

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