Friday, January 27, 2017

Home Chef - week 3

Home Chef week 3!

First up was the Roasted Chicken and Balsamic Pear salad. I like raisins and craisins in my salads, but I have never tried pears. I will definitely make this again! And goat cheese.... YUM!!!

Pork Chop Chateaubriand with duchess potators and roasted carrots. My only complaint with this recipe is that there was a lot of meat compared to the carrots and potatoes. But it was good!

Sirloin Steak with brown butter bordelaise and roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes. This was the fussiest dish to make so far. The reduction/sauce was phenomenal!! I had so many things going on in the kitchen this night, but for once, I ended up with everything done at the same time! And I was trying to move the potatoes from a hot pan with a fair amount of oil to a paper towel to drain a little when....

I grabbed the handle of a pan that I had just removed from a 400* oven. UGH!! Most the red spots were burns. But I put lavender essential oil on the hand once I plated the food and reapplied it before I went to bed and only had a little pain the next day. And it didn't blister. I'm thrilled!

Now, I need to figure out about a separate mitt for the skillets that go in the oven.


Jennifer said...

Looks like another good week - do they send you recipes and food or just the recipes? And how did you like the Brussels sprouts? I'm sure you saw my husband's post on fb earlier this week when we roasted some!

Churn Dash said...

I'm not in the habit of checking your blog often any more and I missed several posts!

I'm lucky that I don't cook. Your meals look very good - except for those Brussel sprouts, those I've hated since childhood!