Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Year of the PIGS - 4/20

Everyone gave such great answers and ideas on the last PIGS post and we got Libby moving out of her slump! Hooray! She even took our advice and treated herself to new fabric once she got a couple of things accomplished - go see what she bought!

The questions for today stem from the last questions in a way.

What part (or parts) of the process of making a quilt are your least favorite? The part (or parts) that you just dread and that make you throw your projects back into the dark recesses of your stash closet? Have you found any tricks to break the cycle of being held up on the parts that aren't your favorite?

For me, I used to dislike the bindings. I could get a quilt quilted and ready for binding, but then it would sit for a while until I had nothing else to do or until I ran out of room where the quilts were. I think that the process of making the long binding strip is what got to me. To counteract this, I have been cutting the binding out and making the strip before I even start sewing the blocks. Now, the only problem is the hand stitching of the binding to finish the quilt. lol

I have quite a few UFO's that involve applique and I keep moving those to the back of the pack/bottom of the list. Now that I have some applique experience, I think that I can make the projects, but they are still at the bottom of the list! lol

I never used to think that borders were my least favorite part of quilting, but apparently they are. Why else would it have taken me so long to get the borders on the Split Decision quilt? It took me 2 weeks to get the borders on and the strips were already cut! I guess that I need to start getting them prepped when I make the binding strip?

Anyone can participate in the answering, just make a post on your blog and leave a link to your post below. I will draw a winner at the end of the month. If you don't have a blog, leave your answer as a comment on this post and enter your name in Mr Linky as "You Name - COMMENT."

The pups say, "Come on! Help a quilter out!"



Anonymous said...

I haste the sandwiching process as much as you hate bindings. LOL! I don't mind the machine quilting or the bindings. Call me a geek I love to do the binding (I machine bind mine)

Libby said...

OH! HOW I HATE BASTING!! With a hot hot passion!!

Libby said... first link was to an old post

Deb A said...

Put the link up... hit enter before I took out the last name. Oops.
Loved the question and actually had time to answer it this time.
I make the binding before putting the blocks together.. that way it is all done and easy to attach.

Catskill Quilter said...

I love making the blocks and putting the top together...but once that is done, I have the same mental debate, which starts with "I like this quilt! Maybe I should try to machine quilt it?" Eventually the quilt is sandwiched, and hand tied -- again.

Regina said...

I have a whole list of reasons - makes me a true procrastinator, right?!?! :-)

Ellen said...

I've only finished one quilt, so in my limited experience I'd have to say its the sandwiching process. My batting & backing were larger than the top, and it still ended up screwed up and crooked in a couple of places. Hopefully practice will make it easier. Grumble. Love the doggie pix!

Kate said...

You must be really good at getting past your slow points, you finish so many quilts.

Jennifer said...

Hey - guess what - I actually remembered and found time to post this month! Woo hoo!

elizabeth said...

I think the binding is my downfall. I can make a top and sometimes quilt it if a lap or smaller, but I can put off finishing it until the last minute because I don't like binding. Love the pup pics and the maxie quilt. does max think it will be for him?

Julianne said...

I struggle with the picking of colors and patterns although as I pick up the techniques it's getting better