Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just thinking...

I was looking at the serial quilters website and it looks cool.... I am starting to wonder if I should just transfer to that site now. If we can send messages to each other and there are other upgrades on that site, it might not be a bad idea. Maybe I will set up the blog on that site and post a couple of things and see how easy it is to do posts and posts with pictures. It sort of feels like there are quite a few people chattering on that site and I feel like I am missing things. (Kristie - how are you liking that site? I noticed that you are posting a lot over there.)

Anyway, I am watching a movie right now so that I can take some of the DVD's that I have from the library back to get the ones that are waiting for me. Premonition, Disturbia and season 3 of Murder, She Wrote are waiting for me right now and I just know that they will be thge perfect companions to my quilting this weekend!

And I had dinner with the Date tonight. I laid it all out on the table about what has been bothering me. He took it all in and said that he was glad that I told him and he will work on not irritating me as much. That's a good thing, I guess. At the very least, continuing to see him (not constantly, I made a point of stressing that part) will be a good segue back into the dating scene for me. And I haven't turned off the matching on my eHarmony page so I am still getting matches there and communicating with guys through that. And I made a big point of telling the Date that I am not getting too serious with him anytime soon and that he shouldn't expect 'things' to happen anytime in the near future. I am not sure how he took that, but he didn't throw a tantrum or get angry so that is a good thing. All in all, it was a nice conversation. And I feel much better after talking it out.

Now, this Saturday is the open house at my LQS - Best Friends Quilt Shoppe. At the open house, I can sign up for classes for October through December and get 20% off the class cost. I am thinking about taking 3 classes and they are working out with my schedule so far - no Mondays to interfere with Guild and the small group, no Wednesdays to interfere with the Yoga class that I signed up for, and no classes during the week in November that the puppies and I are wintering in Florida (Hi, Mom!!) Two of the classes are with triangles and 1 is a table runner with what looks like applique so they would all be great classes to take.

OK, I think that I am ready to retire to the bedroom/sewing area to sew a bit!
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Thursday, August 30, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Sounds like things worked well with the date! As far as the other site goes...The way the site works is great! The photo thing is so quick and easy, I love the private messaging, and you can see who is on the site while you are. There are not alot of people on there right now, and everyone is just starting to get to know each other, so things are a little quiet. I think once people get a little more comfortable it will be great! Right now, I am just doing a copy and paste with my blog, so I can put it both places. It was odd how I found it. I was just playing around and run on to it, she was still setting it up and doing the program...I sent her a message asking her where everyone else was because I couldn't find anyone, that is when she told me it was just me and her. I noticed that one lady used to be on here and had a few posts, she copy and pasted every bit of it over to there...sounds like a great idea, but I just have way too many posts....I love to talk. Krisite
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Thursday, August 30, 2007 - BIG SHIRT
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