Monday, September 24, 2007

I am HOME!!!

We rolled into Cincinnati at about 8:30 last night after about 12 hours on the road. I had to take Carol and Meghan to my granma's to get their car and unload their bags from mine. We also helped Granma unload her car. I ended up leaving there and got home just after 9 PM. The dogs were not as excited to see me as I had expected them to be. :( I took them out and when we came back in, Maisy ran back into the cage and sat there. I had to coax her out and give her lovin' before she would act like she was comfortable. I even called Amy and asked her what she did to break my dog! Max was very excited to see me. They were better when I woke up this morning and gave me lots of kisses and Maisy was grinning.

I talked to the Date last night and he basically told me that I am too lazy for him because the walk that I took on Monday (1.5 hours on the beach after not being on the elliptical for quite a few weeks) knocked me for a loop with the sore muscles. Whatever. Back to the drawing board.

I was thinking about this yesterday during the drive home. Now, I will be able to get back into my routine - getting enough sleep and able to go to bed at a normal hour; working out when I get home from work; quilting and practicing FMQ (I still haven't been able to make my first quilt sandwich to practice on!); and getting back to catching up on anything else that I have missed. I know that there are things that I have missed on blogs and I haven't had the time to respond to posts at all.

This morning, after being on vacation and away from my scale for 9 or 10 days, I weighed myself. Now, I was on vacation, around a bunch of food and snacks and really wasn't in any conrol over what was served. I am up to 27 pounds lost!! I am very excited because I had almost expected to gain! Tomorrow is weigh in at Weight Watchers so it will be interesting to see what their scale shows.

It's great to be home!


Jen said...

If he thinks that is Lazy then he's nuts. Can you imagine what he'd think about your quilting? Yikes, you're better off without him. You need to be able to be yourself.

Anonymous said...

A 1 hour walk on the beach exhausted me, and I do a regular gym workout! The sand just kills the legs and no that is NOT LAZY! It sounds like you are better off without him so you can be you and do the things you enjoy. Don't get too discouraged, I had that happen with a couple of guys on eHarmony, but then I met my husband through there 2years ago. He loves that I quilt and enjoy doing different things and is very ok with me going out to meet my friends and do my craft things. Hang in there and you will find the right guy for you!

Maureen said...

Wow I agree with Jen and Deb...that is not lazy! You also lost weight on a vacation...Go Jill! I was doing WW and doing okay and then well I have fallen down and still just can't figure out how to get back on track and off fast food & chocolate ice cream!

Again that guy isn't worth your deserve better than that!

I'm glad the dogs are getting back to normal...when Emma went to my parents for vacation while we re-roofed the house she was not as excited to see me as I expected! Nor did she miss me as much as I thought she would when I left her there both times. Ohh well she is able to adjust and I should be happy about that.

Glad you had a good vacation and this morning Maisey was grinning!