Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My purchases in South Carolina

On Wednesday of my vacation, we went into Charleston and I was able to go to the People Places and Quilts shop. Everyone there was really nice and they showed me all of the things that make their shop unique. They had a huge selection of Civil War Reproduction fabrics and I went a bit crazy. I had bought some in April from a shop in Dayton, Ohio when I was on my way to the St. Jude's Quilt Retreat and I tried to pick fabrics that I thought would match the selection that I already had. The first picture below is what I bought in Charleston and the second is what I had bought in Dayton. I really like the color combinations of the deep reds, purples and blues.

On Tursday, once my parents got to the condo, my Aunt Carol, cousin Meghan, mom and I went to find the 2 shops that were located close to the condo. We spent almost an hour looking for the first shop and finally gave up and went to the second shop - Island Threads. They had a great selection of batiks. They also had some table runners that were pretty cute and seemed like they would be easy for my mom to start with, but they only sold them in kits. I don't really know what that was about, but my mom didn't end up getting anything there. I bought a kit and some flip flop batik fabric.


Moneik said...

Your fabric choices look great! I love the escapade quilt pattern. It looks so cheery. Isn't it fun to shop in other shops besides the ones close to home?

Jen said...

Your Repro's are great. What do you think you'll make with them? I really like your batik's too. I'm more and more drawn to them as time goes on.

Nancy said...

The Escapade pattern looks like fun; will you do it in batiks? And I LOVE the flip flops batik pattern - what an appropriate souvenir from your beach week! Glad you liked People Places and Quilts - I agree with Moneik that it is fun to go into quilt shops in different areas - no two are alike!