Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nothing Quilty today

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since Sunday! I don't have much to report. Well, maybe I do. :)

On Tuesday, I got a call from the other driver's insurance company and they were finally ready to talk settlement. I was very pleased with what they offered and didn't have to do any negotiations. I am still waiting for a check though and I have to turn in the rental car on Sunday. They are not giving me much time to actually go out and get a car! I have a call into the adjustor to find out about the check and when it should be mailed of if I actually need to go to their office and pick it up so that I have it in time.

I have also decided on the Pontiac G6 that I test drove on Saturday. I did the leg work and called another dealership to get more information. I got approved for a car loan from the credit union. I have a pre-approval letter from the credit union that I will take to the dealership on Saturday when the time comes. Other than needing the check for the down payment, I am good to go!

I have also been talking quite a bit to DV2. He had a second and third interview this week for the job in Cincinnati. Well, he found out that he may not be in the running for he job in Cincinnati, but they would be more than happy for him to move to Detroit or Chicago. Luckily, he is not willing to go for that, but they could put him in a position in Indianapolis. I was a little bummed last night at the news, but feeling much better after getting the car stuff in order. Also, we have our second date tomorrow night. I think that we will be going to dinner, but that is all I know.

I have spent the evening trying to straighten the house up and I am now pooped. I had an early morning meeting this morning with The Council. Very exciting. NOT!!! I am off to bed!


Moneik said...

So glad to hear things are going well with getting a new car. There is always so much work to do with an accident. Good luck with the date.

Jen said...

I hope it all goes smoothly. Once you have that check in your hands you should have some relief at least.