Sunday, December 23, 2007

At last - PICTURES!

Since I have so many pictures to post, I am going to do several posts now with the pictures and I am going to start with the pictures that I would've posted first - the gifts for co-workers.

I made a rice bag and 2 coasters for several co-workers. They all loved them! (For the coasters, I only used 5-5" squares - 4 for the top and one for the bottom. They still turn out nice and since you don't see the 1 square that is on the inside, you save some fabric.)

Here is one bag - I used Muslin for the inside bags and then a nice fabric for the 'pillowcases.'

All the bags.

Here are the coasters made with Quilt Pink Moda fabric.

And these are my favorites! This is made with Flirtations by Moda fabric.

I signed up for a class through Guild with Judy from my small group. Pat Speth who wrote Nickel Quilts an More Nickel Quilts is teaching about using 5" squares and other size foundation pieces and we are going to make a quilt during the class. I think that we will also be learning some assembly tips. I am really thinking that I want to buy some more of this Flirtations fabrics and use it for this quilt. Our class isn't until March so I have some time to think about it, but I really liked these fabrics and patterns and colors!


Jen said...

I LOVE that flirtations fabric. I can't decide if I want a fat quarter stack, jelly roll or charm pack though. I just LOVE brown and pink together!!

Michelle said...

Awesome! AND.............Pat Speth was at my HOUSE about 6 years ago, when she was still teaming with Char Thode, and she taught our group of quilters, who were ALL new to quilting, some pretty neat tricks. My 'Nickel Quilts' book is signed by Pat and Char! Char worked at a law firm with my friend Christie, and she invited them. It was a fast, fun, and interesting day! You will enjoy it!