Sunday, December 23, 2007

More FMQ practice and a placemat

Something else that I finished this week was another Kid Komfort quilt that I practiced more quilting on. I had this done on Monday so that I could take it to the small group meeting and get some critiques on. I thought that I had done better on this one and got the motions down pretty well. I still did the quilting with some spaces between because I was trying to practice and wanted to just get it done and make sure that the machine was going to work OK with the tension. I also took the advice of Judy and Patrice from the small group and pinned this quilt instead of trying to baste it. The pinning went really quickly and I was able to get them out of the way before quilting so this is going to be my preferred method of sandwiching!

And I finished one of the cat placemats. I was able to make the top and then sew the sandwich so that I could turn it inside out and stitch up the opening so that I wouldn't have to do binding. Once that was done, I quilted it with about a 1/4" seam around the stitching. This was done with help from Jeanette from the small group.

I was a little concerned that Carmella wouldn't like the fabric with the cats, but I spoke with my mom last night and she assured me that Carmella would love the table runner and placemats! Now, I just need to get them finished so that Mom can deliver them to Carmella when they come up in January. Or I could also just send this to Carmella because it should be light enough to not cost an arm and a leg to mail.

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Lookin Good!!!