Monday, February 4, 2008

Yahoo!! I got an email!

I came home from our Guild meeting and had a pleasant surprise in my inbox. Robin from From the Nest Designs sent me an email that she received my letter requesting donations. She wrote that she would be happy to make a donation and it will be in the mail tomorrow! How great is that?

Now, to help her out - everyone go and check out her website and look at her patterns. They are too cute!

And for anyone living under a rock, here is post with some information about the Retreat. If anyone is free the weekend of April 18-20 and lives close to Dayton, Ohio, think about joining us for the weekend. Jen is driving down from Milwaukee and that will be about 5 hours to my house and then another 2 to the Retreat. If Jen can do this, anyone can! Plus, anyone who shows up at the retreat will be able to meet Jen! I will be there, too, but you could meet JEN!!


Suzan said...

Unfortunately, it would be nearly a 9 hour drive for me or I would be there. Especially for the opportunity to meet JEN! (I just really want to make sure she isn't Superwoman or something!!)

Moneik said...

Those are awesome patterns!

Jen said...

I'm getting sooooo excited!!! Fun patterns!!