Sunday, March 2, 2008

February Accomplishments

Well, I am not as late getting these done as I was getting January's done. I am quite proud!

  1. Went to an retreat and had to buy a new camera - Ruby
  2. Started receiving donations for the St Jude's Quilt Retreat
  3. Completed the January 2 buck a block BOM through Best Friends
  4. Sewed the binding on and hand stitched it down for the Halloween table runner
  5. Finished the 3 cat placemats that were Christmas presents
  6. Finished Nikki's brown and teal purse that was a Christmas present
  7. Finished the Star and Nine patch top
  8. Learned that I do NOT like mitered borders! Although they can look very stunning!
  9. Dropped a hot iron on the floor at a retreat. I still haven't heard anything, so I am guessing that the center had no issues with my mishap.
  10. Received more donations
  11. Got fabric cut and blocks finished for the first stash pot pie quilt
  12. Made my 200th post and had a small give away. BTW, Dot enjoyed her winnings!
  13. Learned that I am Scarlett O'Hara to Jen's Mammy and that I act 26, when I will be a bit older in less than 3 weeks. :)
  14. Finished my granma's pink and blue purse that was supposed to be a Christmas present
  15. Got another perm and my hair was wild and crazy for an evening!
  16. Worked 2 nights at the St Jude's Radiothon where we raised over $400K!
  17. Finished my mom's purse that was supposed to be a Christmas present. I heard from Mom today and she received the box of presents and loves her purse!
  18. Had fun driving in the snow with the new car and it's manual gears!
  19. Finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I believe this book was 23 discs - this was quite an accomplishment in itself!
  20. Cut fabric for a Guild class that I took on March 1.
  21. I also spent some time in the spare room moving the furniture around so that I can start organizing my stash and kits and UFOs.
  22. And received more donations! We have quite a bit so far!

Well, I think that is it. Hopefully, I will be just as productive in March!

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Moneik said...

Congrats on getting so much accomplished!