Saturday, March 8, 2008

Small Update

I had mentioned that last week I took in a bunch of pairs of pants for a couple of ladies at work and one was so ecstatic to get them and the other still hasn't worn a pair to work. Well, Monday of this past week, I went to the cafeteria with my entourage (Mary Beth, Jill F. and Joanne) to get breakfast and water and there was a bag with a flower on it on my desk when I got back. Susan brought me a goodie bag as a thank you for her new pants and sweaters (I ended up bringing in about 5 sweaters for her, too). I forgot that I had my camera before I tore into it and ate some of the goodies. There was a 4 pack of purple peep bunnies that didn't last until noon! The little purple duck is now sitting on my wall and watches me work and the dog bones are still at work so that pups aren't even aware that they have gotten a special something. There is also a sugar free chocolate marshmallow bunny and a $30 Target gift card so that I can buy some tops or something there. Susan was very thoughtful!

When I posted about the Guild class that I took and the Lover's Lane block that I made, I forgot that I had gotten a pattern and a pack of fat quarters at the class, too. I am not sure if I mentioned that Pat Speth was our guest speaker and that was also who taught the class. She does evverything with 5" squares and her books are awesome! The patterns look like they could be really intense and a lot of work, but they are all broken down and very simple. She also designs reproduction fabric and had FQs of her lines for sale. I bought a pack of FQs that had a fair amount of purples/lavendars in it because that is a lot of the colors that I have already gotten of Civil War Repro fabric.

Also at the Guild meeting on Monday, I talked Cathy into bringing her quilts to show them off to our little group. They look great! The first one is the Calendar Quilt that was a Christmas present for one step-daughter that got held up in Customs for a month or so before being sent back home. The second one is the quilt that she made for Lizzie's wedding. The third one is the one that she made from a free Thimbleberries pattern.

And last, but not least, Maureen sent me an early birthday present and I got this on Monday when I got home from Guild. The card is adorable! And the chocolates are yummy - I have even been able to limit myself to one or two in the evenings. And the charm squares are from a great line! I love all of the colors! Thanks, Maureen!


Deb (vtquilter) said...

Great gifts and very pretty quilts.
Happy Early birthday!

Amelia said...

Wow, you received some exciting gifts. Enjoy them!

The quilts look great!

Moneik said...

Those are some nice gifts. It's always fun to receive something we don't expect.

Jen said...

Ohhh, I'm pretty sure I have 5 inch is a cinch too!!