Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Day!

So, we got a bit of snow Friday and Saturday. Just a bit. Here are some pictures. These were taken at around 11 this morning. The plow guys had been out and cleaned everything - the sidewalks, the parking lot - off around 7 this morning.

In this picture, Maisy is on the other side of the patch of grass that is right in front of my condo. The grass is level with the parking lot for the most part.

snow day 1

Both of the dogs peed on my neighbors driveway because they didn't want to get into the snow banks.

snow day 2

All the snow on my car since about 4:30 Friday afternoon when I got home from work.

snow day 3

All the snow in front of my condo - since the last shoveling of the sidewalks.

snow day 4

The parking lot - since the last plowing at 7.

snow day 5

I put the dogs in the house and then shoveled off the step and sidewalk right in front. Then, the dogs and I took a walk around the parking lot so that they could stop at every patch of yellow snow. Very exciting! In the time that we walked, this is how much snow had fallen. It seemed never ending!

snow day 6

When we came back in, Max was running around like a wild man! Maisy was unimpressed!

Wild Man 2

Wild Man

I figured that maybe he still had business to do so we went back out. Aaron, my neighbor, was out shoveling my sidewalk and I was trying to only take Max out to do his business, but Maisy got out. Then she started running around like a crazy lady. She took off down the sidewalk and ran around some cars and then took off the other way and ran around some buildings. We could hear her barking. And she came back covered in snow. Then, she went to all of the condos nearby and barked at the doors where the other dogs live. CMG opened the door and came out and laughed at her and petted both dogs. The pups were very happy. Then, I finally made them come in because it was so cold so I gave them bones to enjoy.

post snow time

I almost forgot - Jen asked how much snow we had gotten so I found a ruler and mesured the snow on the back deck. It is a 12" ruler with about a 1/4" of empty space on each end of the ruler.

porch 1

porch 2


Amelia said...

I don't want that much snow here EVER! I suppose you learn to live with the problems that you incur. Quite an experience for the little furry friends!

CatQuilter said...

Glad to see the pups are enjoying the snow. Daisy wouldn't go outside until we shoveled a path for her. Stay warm and dry!

Moneik said...

You really got a lot of snow! We have only got an inch or so at a time, so boring. If we're going to get snow, I would like a lot so we can have a snow day.

Jen said...

They look like they're having so much fun. It was neat to see the front of your condo. Giggle..wasn't it 2 feet?

Anonymous said...

Love your dogs!! They are so much fun and really keep a person going. Always a good attitude.

Dogs rule!!