Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Corrections to prior post

I forgot to add about my new monitor at work that my buddy Pamela came in and saw it and asked if we could watch some DVD's on it. I said that we could, but not if we wanted sound! I have been fiddling with the set up on it and I think that I finally have it where I want it to be able to see everything that I need to. It's very spiffy!

And I just went back and added my totals for my OHAD and I realized that I am all caught up as of last night. I am very happy about that because I know that I will have some sewing time tonight and tomorrow night. Thursday will be drinks after work for Happy Hour so there will be no sewing that night, but I am still doing good.

Now, I just have to decide if going to the Miami Valley Quilt Guild Show and shopping would count as quilty activities. Any thoughts? :)


Gina said...

Of course they count. They will be giving you the inspiration and supplies to keep up with your one hour a day routine. LOL

love and hugs xx

Jen said...

I dunno...going to a show might be stretching things. Remember, you guys decided me working at the shop doesn't count...and I'm totally being riddled with inspiration every time I help someone pick out fabric!

LOL, count whatever you like. Once I get moved, I think you, Moneik and I should totally do a challenge between the three of us.

Moneik said...

I think we decided shopping doesn't count, but maybe the show does?? This month is going to be bad for me, I can just tell! You are doing awesome with your totals. I agree with Jen that when she's moved and I'm married and back from the honeymoon we need to do a challenge. It'll keep us all on track.

Tina said...

Jill - I have been reading parts of your blog and still need to go join your Yahoo groups, but wanted to introduce myself. I am in the Cinti area - north actually west of Hamilton. I am really enjoying your blog, I have one, but just started last month, and haven't been posting lately - like you work, family, stuff get in the way.

I was just wondering what guilds and groups you belong to, as I would be interested in joining. I frequent Best Friends and many of the other LQS you have mentioned.

And most definately - MVQG Show is quilt activity! I will be up there on Friday enjoying the quilts and all those vendors...... Tina

Connie said...

big grin.....I'm easy--I think happy hour would count! When you relax and destress you get all kinds of creative ideas.....so to me, happy hour should count too!