Monday, May 12, 2008

The past week

I am not sure why I haven't made any updates this past week. Maybe I was very excited about my new toy at work...


A 21" monitor especially for me! Unfortunately, I still don't have sound, but at least I can see my files!


I have been doing OK on my One Hour a Day Challenge (OHAD) where I try to sew or quilt for at least one hour each day or I make up for days that I have missed. Last Monday was the Guild meeting and I was able to work on the Spools quilt stitching the binding down for 2 hours at the meeting. When I got home, I made these pillowcases for Jill F from work for her birthday on Tuesday.


After Monday, I didn't get any sewing done until Sunday evening. I was able to finish quilting the comfort quilt and I attached the binding to the front. I haven't been able to clear floor space to get a good picture, but I will do that tomorrow night. The quilting isn't all that great and there is a good deal of puckering and I think that it is due to the batting that I used - not warm & natural, but a lighter poly blend. The W&N tends to 'grab' and 'hold' fabric and this batting did not do that. Oh well, it's done and it doesn't look too bad.

So I still have a few days to catch up on the OHAD, but I am sure that I will be all caught up soon!


Carol Van Rooy said...

I could almost read the data from the photo... HEHEHE

Jen said...

Ohh you're going to LOVE that monitor. My friend Diane's is that size in her office. Another guy has two monitors side by side that work off the same computer so he can have two full programs up at a time. He's got a crazy job that he does.

Moneik said...

Wow! That's a huge monitor. I just wish I had a real computer! We have these thinclients that are attached to the network and sometimes you have your files and other times like today you may have the internet, but not all your favorites. It sucks!

Hazel said...

Nice monitor and the pillow cases are great .cepskhwv