Friday, May 23, 2008

Quilt Show

Last Saturday, Patrice from my Guild small group and I went to the Miami Valley Quilt Guild's Quilt Show in Dayton. Linda and Patrice's sister were supposed to be going with us, but they both had other things come up at the last minute so it was just me and Patrice. We ended up going to Judy's storage unit first and picking up books, magazines and fabric that Judy wanted to get rid of. After that, we headed to the show.

Best Friends Quilt Shoppe was the first booth that we stopped in. They have a new Courier Bag Brand X/Very Badley pattern so I of course had to grab it! They are going to have a class this summer and Patrice and I decided that we would need to take it together. They also had kits, but I decided that I would pick fabric from the store. They did have kits for the purses and I just loved this fabric so I bought this kit, too. I think that my sister will like it.


And I got these pins and FQs. The FQs will be good for I Spy quilts and the pins are because Jan, the shop owner, always teases me because the pins that I have and use are quite large and put big holes in he fabric.


We walked up and down the quilt aisles and hit the booths that we came to. Some were pretty neat and some not so much. This was from the Sew-A-Lot booth. I had to get these pillowcases. I think that the dogs will be for me because of the dachshunds on the fabric. The other one will be for my brother since he is in the army. I think that he will like this fabric.

100_0398 100_0400

And at the Fabric Shack booth, they have charm squares and FQ bundles for a really good price. I got the blue and brown because I thought that it would look nice with the blues and browns that I got when Jen was here, but now that I got it home, I don't think that it will. And Maureen got me a charm pack of this line and I figured that I would need another one to do anything good with. Then, Patrice told me that I could make a charm tote with just one pack. Man, I should really check this stuff out before buying anything! :)


I did take some pictures of quilts, but really only for a few rows. This one was very neat and the reason that I pulled out my camera. The detail on the quilt was very cool. I thought it was a panel that was quilted at first. The second picture is a detail picture of one area.



This was a Nemo quilt, but the extra detail was very cool!


This one looks busy, but it was neat in person. The quilter made it for her architect husband and brother or BIL.


And this one I had to take for obvious reasons. It was very cool, but I knew that a certain blog buddy would like it!


On our way home, we stopped at Bob Evans' for lunch. Now, my backpack and water came in really handy at the show and it was a good trial run for the big show in Columbus in June. I can't wait for that show!

Oh, and I was going to look at machine quilting frames at the show, but they only had long arms that were $6K+. A little out of my price range! So I am going to need to see if there will be any at the Columbus show and if now, I will need to start figuring out where I can try some frames out that are in my price range. I was a little disappointed, but there wasn't much that we could do. :)


Gina said...

I love the first quilt.

Your purchases look great. I like the fabric that you will be using for your bag.

love and hugs xxx

Amelia said...

Sure like the turtle quilt.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Moneik said...

You got some great fabric! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Let me know if you find any good info on quilting frames. I'm looking for one too.

Regina said...

The turtles - gasp - oh the turtles!!!

You know my Lazy Sister Sue and I were talking about getting together for a quilt retreat and she is seriously talking about driving up to Ohio from SC next spring if you all have your retreat again.... if we go I will most definitely have to bring a turtle project to do!!!

Hazel said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the show ,that first quilt is amazing .

Myra said...

What yummy fabrics!
That turtle quilt! My DD#2 would love to have that one! She is a turtle fool!!! Finds turtles dead and alive quite often!