Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Accomplishments

I think that I did pretty good this month.

  1. Set a goal to quilt for an hour a day. I did pretty well until last week. I didn't have time to catch up for all of the hours missed after Memorial Day weekend. I ended up at 39.5 hours, but ended up missing hours from 2 days at the end. That's pretty good, I think!
  2. Made 4 secret blocks.
  3. Went to the Miami Vally Quilt guild Quilt Show.
  4. Made Bengals pillowcases for a birthday present.
  5. Worked at the Flying Pig Marathon to cheer on the runners.
  6. Got a new 21" monitor for my work computer.
  7. Finished quilting and bound the comfort quilt for my co-worker's son.
  8. Made pillowcases for my brother and myself.
  9. Made Bengals coasters.
  10. Made 2 BOM blocks.
  11. Worked on the second set of super secret blocks.
  12. Went to The Dip for my first ice cream from them.
  13. Finished the binding on the Spools quilt.

Well, that's it. It doesn't seem like too much. I will have to try and get things ready for my July challenge with Jen and Moneik that is coming up. I think that I did a good job!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Doesn't seem like much? Good grief girl! That's a lot of stuff accomplished if you ask me. I don't even work and I haven't done that much. :)

Michelle said...

Not much?????????? Oh, my!

Beth said...

DAAAAAANNNNNNGGG! If you think that's not much, I know I'm a sloth, then. Looks like you did a boatload!

Jen said...

Yeah, you seriously kicked MY ass!!!