Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meet Lenny!

Here's the evolution of bringing Lenny into my home!

This is ... well, this is actually Squiggy in the car, but Lenny is right there behind him.


This is Lenny in the trunk. And over the back seat that was laid down. There were 2 boxes, a smaller one that I could handle and a larger one that was 70 pounds! I had to open that box up and bring parts in a few pieces at a time. But it got done!


Here is the smaller box with the pieces a little spread out. I had just found the instruction manual and decided it was time for a few more pictures.


Here are the contents of the larger box.


I was thinking about taking pictures after every step, but I thought that might be a little tedious so I just took a couple when it looked like something or was drastically changed from the previous pictures. This is half of the beginnings of the frame.


This the whole beginnings of the frame. Notice that at this point things are mostly moved out of the way. Getting to this part is when I stepped on a piece. And since there have been some inquiries - my foot is sore, but there has been no more blood.


This is the frame with the table pieces (the black parts) added. I have one of the dog blankets on the floor that I was sitting on to watch the DVD on the set up. Man, without that carpeting, that floor is COLD! I think that I trip to Big Bob's carpet outlet for some remnants is in my future!


This is Lenny with the rods assembled. Eventually, when I get to loading quilts, I will show how they are loaded so that you non-quilters can see what I'm talking about withe the rods and fabric and everything.


And here is the frame with the carriage on it. I should have taken a picture with the carriage more towards the left so that it stood out more, but you can get the idea. The machine will sit on the carriage and the carriage has wheels on tracks that allow the machine to move smoothly left and right and front to back (again for the non-quilters).


I decided after dinner that I just needed to suck it up and get back down there and finish the frame at least. When I was done with that, I got Squiggy out of the box and looked at the instruction manual. I was way too tired and sore to do anything else.

Oh, and you may notice that there is a stack of papers underneath the front middle leg. That's because the leveling knob on the leg broke off. I am going to call the Grace Company tomorrow and let them know so that they can ship me another one. And I still need to decided where exactly Lenny will go floor wise. Once that is decided, I will get my level and level the whole thing up. So it's together, but not quite ready for quilting.


Suzan said...

So you got a Grace frame and not the Inspira?...or does Grace make the Inspira frame? I am really interested in all that you are doing as I am afraid I am going to want a frame of my own in the near future. When I move, it will be to difficult to just "pop" over to my sister's to use her LA! Besides, I am now jealous of you and Jen!

Michelle said...

Good job, Jill! I am proud of you!!!!

Happy Camper Quilts said...

I agree with Suzan. You are making me feel the need for one in my future, and I'm jealous with envy. Good for you!! It's a good we're building a house because I don't have room for one as of now, but it definitely makes me think of how much of a space I will need in the new place. The house may just have to be designed around my quilting room. HA HA!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Welcome to your new home Lenny and Squiggy. You've done a great job so far and I bet you can't wait to load up a quilt and take it out for a test quilt.

Kristie said...

How exciting!!! I love seeing it all go together! I can't wait to see more of it! As soon as we get the house finished, that is the first thing that I am getting. The only reason that I don't have one now is lack of space. How big is your frame??

Colleen said...

Congrats! I really appreciate the pictures because before I joined the Prolific quilters, I had never even heard of these things. Now I can show hubby what I'm talking about and convince him I need one of those and a new machine to go with! Can't wait to see the quilts you'll churn out on it.

Hazel said...

Way to go Jill ,your doing a wonderful job .The step by step photo's are great .I to am envious of your new toys .

Regina said...

So exciting - wish I had room for one...

Moneik said...

Oh I'm so happy you are going through this first. i can't wait to hear all about it and see how you like it.