Saturday, June 14, 2008

Takin' a break

The frame (Lenny?) and machine (Squiggy?) are in the house!!

I am taking a much needed dinner break right now. I got home from the shop around 3, unloaded the car, drug all of the frame pieces to the basement and started assembly. Things are going fairly seamlessly ... well, except for the minor mishap where blood was drawn and antibiotic soap, ointment and bandages were needed. :) I'll find out tomorrow from Nurse Lynn if I should have gotten stitches.

Seriously, it was just a minor mishap. I stepped backwards onto a piece of the frame which is metal and it dug some skin out of the fleshy part of my heel. I laid the skin back into the divot when I put the ointment on and then put the band aid on top of all of that.

Anywho... I got the major part of the frame together and I thought that I would eat dinner and then have a go at the machine before I need it to put on the rest of the frame. If I can just get the frame assembled and the machine in order, then I can retire for the evening and have a shot at loading some batting and material in the morning.

Although, I nap sounds pretty good right now.... We'll have to see what happens.


Suzan said...

Remember...Rome wasn't built in a day!! I know you are excited to have it all together and running. Can't wait to see what you do first!!

Michelle said...

Let's see, major cut on the heel...that would be an OWWWWWwwwww. Jill, wear your shoes, girl! It's probably going to hurt worse tomorrow. Make sure you keep the neosporin on it. It has built in pain killers, and it helps it heal faster.

Suzan is right....Rome wasn't built in a day, but I would be, and have been, just like you. This is just so exciting! Have fun!

Kristie said...

Shame on you for taking a break!!! :) Just playing! I'm sure you are so excited! I'm very happy for you! Can't wait to see photos!!!!

Carol Van Rooy said...

EWWWW!!! I hope your okay. At least it won't effect your sewing... blessing for that.

Moneik said...

Oh I'm so excited for you!!! Congrats!