Saturday, July 5, 2008

Running on empty

Here it is ... 10:30 PM on a Saturday night and I am pooped! I had been sewing since 1 PM with a couple of little breaks for dinner and laundry and I finally gave up around 9:45. My back is sore. My eyes are getting strained. The dogs are ready for bed. I believe it's time to hit the sack.

Of course, I will give an update on the day's happenings. :)

I met Cathy and Maddy at IHOP for breakfast and some chit chat before we headed to Best Friends' for the sale. I made myself a little list of what I was looking for and yardages so that I wouldn't forget anything while at the shop. Once we got done eating, we had a little bit of time and I pulled out a fruit place mat to stitch and got in about 15 minutes. Cathy can verify - she was watching the clock for me!

I have a class that starts on Friday and figured that I should get my fabric for the class while at the shop. 16 fat quarters and 5/8 of a yard for the inner border. It's a Thangles class and the pattern is in the picture. The blue dots at the top is the border that I picked. Most of the fabrics have iridescent dots or accents on them. They are very pretty!


All of the FQs were $2 today and that included all of the sets. I just couldn't pass up this set.


Amazingly enough, this and the fabric for the Wagon Wheel and the Santa quilt and the pass for the Shop Hop were all that I got today. Maddy, Cathy and I discussed the Shop Hop and all bought our passports. As you may or may not recall, Maddy and I ran around together last year for the Hop and we were able to talk Cathy into joining us this year.

After I left Best Friends, I ran to Joann's to get a couple of things that I needed from their sale and WalMart to get a fluorescent bulb for the lamp that I got for the frame. Once I got home, I had a quick lunch, started laundry and headed to the sewing table.

I was able to get the big shirt finished except for the buttons and button holes. I thought that I had bought black buttons already, but couldn't immediately remember when I had seen them last so I put the shirt aside to finish these small details. I only had one other mishap with the shirt and it was that the collar piece had to be re-cut, but it was easy enough to do and I had plenty of extra fabric to handle this.


After the shirt was done, I worked on prepping the backing fabric and bindings for the Wagon Wheels quilt...


... the first stash pot pie quilt ...


... and the Santa Quilt.


I also watched the Beginner's part of the Pajama Quilter and practiced a bit on the frame. I believe that tomorrow I will be ready to load a real quilt to stipple.

I was watched the second half of the season of My Name is Earl. I *love* that show! I hadn't read any reviews on line so all of the episodes were a surprise and I was happy with how the season ended. I also watched Juno. It was a pretty good movie, too.

Right now though, I have a date with some Icy Hot for my lower back. Until tomorrow...


Michelle said...

I love the fabric you chose for the wagon wheel quilt. It is just going to be stunning! Also love your other projects. Sounds like you had a fun and productive day.
Can't wait to hear how your first machine quilting session goes. Have fun!

Moneik said...

Wow, you got a lot of fabric and a ton accomplished! Hopefully I can catch up to you this week. You were hot today!

Ruthie said...

I love the shirt! And your thangles fabrics too. That is going to be abeautiful quilt.
Good luck today at the machine.

Jen said...

Those fabrics with the iridecent spots...I have fat quarters in pink, white and black all cut up for a quilt. I brought it to retreat and didn't get to it. Did you know those are by Lake House. Those same prints will come out year after year after year just in different colors; that's their staple line.

Your Big shirt looks fabulous; but will you be able to part with it?

And that set of 6 pastel floral fat quarters...those are georgeous!! Any idea on what line those are from?

And I've decided...I've GOTTA make a wagon wheels at some point.