Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So sleeeeeeppppyyyy

I am giving up for the night. I sewed for 2.5 hours at a neighborhood group from Guild. I met lots of nice ladies and we had some good chats. Then, I came home and sewed some more on the Lover's Lane blocks. Tomorrow night, I should be able to get the rest of the rows sewn together for each block and then I can start ironing. I have 2 blocks completely done and 18 to go. And Jen showed me where to find the brown and pink quilting thread online so I will need to get some more of that.

Right now though, my eyes are burning and it's time to get some sleep. Hopefully I will still be in the lead in the morning! But if not, I will get back in the lead this weekend!


Michelle said...

Sleep Jill, then go like a madwoman!!!!

Regina said...

Sleep is overrated!!! Just kidding - you are doing great!!!

Moneik said...

So what did you do last night to stay ahead?