Friday, July 18, 2008

What a long week!

It's so nice to be home for a while! Work was excruciatingly long this week! I did manage to sew a lot and get ahead in the competition, but I have a very bad feeling that this will all change tonight. Although, I am now getting a strong second wind and it could be a long night at Bubba. And the iron - I do have a bit to iron. Quite a bit.

Anyway, somehow, I downloaded a virus on my laptop and I am having issues getting into some blog pages. Since I haven't been using AOL, I have been using Internet Explorer and I can't get into my blog sites without going into them in AOL first and then I can open them in IE. It's more of a frustration and inconvenience than anything else. I have successfully virus scanned and cleaned everything up, so I think that this is the last part of the issue. At least, I hope it is!

Tonight, after work, I ran to Joann's and picked up some fabric paper and a few other things and then to Office Depot. I got a magnetic white board and pens and markers for the white board. Now, I can practice some of the Pajama Quilter's moves before trying them on a quilt. Very cool!

OK, it is already 8:15 and I need to get upstairs and start boogieing at the machine! Wish me luck!


Regina said...

Phooey on computer viruses - what a pain!!!

Looks like you made good progress last night though - and your lead is increasing!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Rhondee said...

Ok.....I'm wishing you loads of luck.....I've waved my magic wand and sprinkled some pixie dust your way...can you feel that energy just flowing into your hands:::LOL ...Have a great weekend!