Friday, July 18, 2008

Very late start

Well, I know that my last post said that I was going to get to work by 8:15, but that didn't happen. I remembered that I had a delivery on Thursday that I still hadn't opened and I figured that I should open the box and fondle the fabric and take some pictures. And while I was at that, I should take pictures of my purchases from Joann's tonight.

So, here is the Joann's 'stuff.' I got fabric paper so that I can make labels for my quilts. I am thinking though, that I will need to make 4 labels at a time since it is full size paper. Since I have 4 quilts pretty much ready to be finished, this shouldn't be much of a problem. I can put that they were finished in 2008 instead of a specific month, I guess. And, yes, I used a coupon!


And I got 3 sets of a pair of fat quarters and a zipper. This is a secret project and I will post as soon as I figure out my dimensions and make the item. Or items. I need to keep you guessing!


At our last Guild Meeting, Cathy kept talking about a sale at the Quilt in a Day online store. I was successful in tuning this out and not making an purchases. Well, last week, she mentioned the sale again on her blog and this time, I couldn't resist. I ran to the site and found some really great things and a few good deals and I clicked 'BUY' and the box got here on Thursday.

These are just some miscellaneous 1 and 2 yard pieces that I got. In the upper left is 3 cuts of the same fabric that I got in Columbus that I loved! They also sent me a free fat quarter. Some of the greens and oranges in the bottom row I like for Halloween prints, but nothing is decided on yet.


They also had a great deal for 10 1 yard cuts for $25 and I got a few of those. This deal is still going on and you pick from colors and retros. Here is the retro.




Reds - I really like the red flower on white background to the left!


Oh, I forgot that I took a close up of it.




My blocks are coming along nicely! I got them all ironed. Here is what they looked like before:


And here is a side by side view of what they looked like before ironing and after. Kinda cool!

100_0651 100_0652

Tomorrow, I start sewing the blocks together!

I got .25 hours in this morning before work and another 3.25 in tonight after taking pictures. I hope that I am still in the lead!


mamaspark said...

Seriously, Jill, I have been looking for that red and white print. I went to the Quilt in a day website and could not find it. HELP!

Jen said...

Dang it. I've still got to get my goodie bags made.