Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update - Last week in July

When we last caught up, we were through the last weekend in July. I will quickly catch up on the last week since I don't have much to report.

On Monday, I got up early and finished adding the borders to the Lover's Lane quilt top. It didn't take me long to get it finished. And I took it to work to get a good full view picture. I'm sure that you are getting tired of seeing this, but I'm not getting tired of showing it off!


Monday night, I met up with some of the ladies from my small group. Even though our meeting was cancelled, a few of us got together to chat and do some hand stitching. I worked on sewing down binding on a Kids Komfort quilt.

Tuesday, I worked on binding in the morning and during dinner and then I started on a star block for someone in our online group who is in the Navy and is out at sea. We are all putting a block together so that she can have a quilt when she comes back. By this time, I knew that since I couldn't do 10 hours a day I wouldn't win the challenge, but I didn't give up.

Wednesday, I finished the star block and cleaned up my house a little.


Thursday, I worked on binding and helped keep Jen going. She was getting super tired, but she had the lead and just needed to keep on going! Then, I started having computer problems so I went to bed around 11 confident that Jen was winning. Woo hoo, Jen!! Congrats!

Friday and Saturday, I didn't do much. I worked on cleaning some more and preparing to head to my retreat this weekend. Saturday, I did run some errands and picked up some goodies to mail to Jen. And I slept! It was much needed rest!


T said...

Well, I'm sure not tired of seeing the Lover's Lane quilt! I think it's marvelous!

But that star block? TOO cool. Have I not gone far enough through your archives to find out where this pattern comes from? Does this block have a name? (oooh, aaahh!)

mamaspark said...

I really love the star! I am partial to them to begin with but this one is really neat!

Jen said...

I LOVE your star!!